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    Stephen Amell

  3. Matt Bomer filming White Collar in NY August 6, 2013

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  4. Matt Bomer & Tim DeKay on set season 4 + 5

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    sugar series // colors oranized neatly

    emily blincoe

    july/august 2013

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I'm a 35 years old girl from Germany who is addicated to , Arrow, The Originals, The Tomorrow People, Sons of Anarchy, Nikita, Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, True Blood, White Collar, Dr. Who, Supernatural, Moonlight, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings etc.

I adore Matt Davis and Matt Bomer!

My other favorite actors and actresses are:

- Shane West
- Alexander Skarsgard
- Paul Bettany
- Tom Hardy
- Christan Bale
- Kate Beckinsale
- Jensen Ackles
- Johnny Depp
- Thomas Dekker
- Paul Walker
- Vin Diesel
- Simon Baker
- Charlie Hunnam
- Stephen Amell
and a lot more..... ;)

You can also find me on Twitter: @NiRiKitty